Sunday, March 13, 2011

A message to UK Foreign Secretary

Hello Mr Hague,

It goes without sayng that you must have heard about the family in Itamar, Samaria Israel, who were wiped out by the very people you feel such a "sympatica" with.

Where's the outpouring of grief from the media, where's the message of condolence from our "head of foreign diplomacy?" - is there anything you can say to justify the slitting of a baby's throat, the stabbing of two other children in their sleep together with the killing of their parents?

Should the "boot be on the other foot" Mr Hague, I am sure the baying for even more Jewish lives and finger shaking by the rest of the Jew-Hating world be blood curdling.

I expect the arab world will approve of the £2000. this murderer will receive for this unholy deed as with other payouts in similar situations; this is the mentality of the very body of people you expect to be given even even more land in Israel. Could you live with these "beings?" Could you live each day expecting a rocket, a bomb, a knife in the back, a rock on the head Mr Hague? - or perhaps find your trees, farms and crops destroyed by them also, I doubt it but you expect the Israelis to apportion the land they have poured so much blood into, the land that was taken before and which they never left of their own accord and to which,after so many years, manage to return, yet had to buy it back, paying exhorbitant fees per acre than the richest land in America. Each Jewish household world-wide had a box in which spare change would be collected and this, Mr Hague is what was used to re- purchase the land of Israel which was left a dust-bowl by the Arab squatters.

If you condone this situation and all the others that are NOT publicised accordingly in favour of Jews and Israel, then I don't hold out much hope for this land you consider to be "free thinking, diplomatic and impartial."

You know, Golda Meir once said I don't hate the people who kill our children, I just hate them for making us kill theirs." - is this the next step to be taken or should it be the "stiff upper lip" English attitude and "turn the other cheek!" - Mr Hague, Jews have turned the other cheek so many times, after so many punches, that it is starting to feel like a massage!