Friday, March 22, 2013


Dear President Obama, How strange was your visit to Israel.On the tarmac of Ben Gurion Airport you publically stated this was yor THIRD visit to Israel, but the following day you visited the Israel Museum Shrine of the Book, which contains Hebrew scrolls over 2000 years old.These attest to and suplement the Bible with respect to Jewish claims to the entire Land of Israel as given to the Jewish People over 3000 years ago. No people on earth can have a better historical record and claim. Those throughout the millenium who have sought to destroy the Jewish nation have dissapeared into oblivium - something you should take to heart. Our Holy Scriptures clearly define that the Jewish people must NOT make treaties with those who inhabit the land or they will be a thorn in our sides and could result in the destruction of the Jewish Nation. So your address yesterday to a bunch of hand picked Israeli students was nothing but a sham - designed to push US interests above those of the Jewish Nation. Their reaction to your speech was only because you selected those who had the same ideas but you did not invite any students of the University of Ariel, situated in the heartland of Judea and Samaria as you knew they would object to your views - seems as if you have learnt from the former USSR. Save your breath - you are not our saviour. Any visitor to Israel from the West treats a visit to the Shrine of the Book as a must on their first visit to Jerusalem - how strange therefore you never visited before - this I think sums up you real intention. You selected to come on the eve of Passover causing disruption to the daily lives of the citizens of Jerusalem as they go about their preparations for Passover - you were badly advised and should have come at another time. Your whole visit has been one big sham - I followed every aspect of your visit and not once did you show any humility as a couragous President, you slapped backs and shook hands, praised your friends,muttered a few words in Hebrew but in reality as you leave our land you have failed to show that alll men are equal - you ignored all the pleas to release Jonathan J Pollard despite this being within your ability to do so. You are not honest.