Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Too often the mantra is repeated that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East - if only the meaning of democracy was understood!

The existing unelected Israeli government has made a mockery of democracy in that not only did the party "Kadima" not exist at the time of the last elections but also its policy is diametrically opposite to the platform on which the ministers were originally elected. This is nothing but a betrayal of the Israeli electorate and shows the complete abandoning of Judaism's moral and ethical teachings and integrity of those involved. It also points to the abandonment of the rule of law, since not in their wildest moments could those who ratified the Electoral Laws in the Knesset, when the third Jewish Commonwealth was founded in 1948, envisage a government betraying the electorate with not only an about turn on policy but also abandoning the party that was elected to govern. As a result provision to deligitimize such unthinkable action was not incorporated. It is as if the Israel Chief Rabbi suddenly became the Pope

The deafening silence by the worldwide Jewish communities in the Diaspora to these immoral and unethical actions bodes ill, given the carte blanche acceptance by both the religious and lay leadership. Such acquiescence to these actions by Communal Institutions appears to indicate they operate under similar ground rules. At this critical juncture it is unethical for them to continue to remain silent with the forthcoming Israeli election due at the end of this month.

This Purim farce has to stop immediately. Our religious leadership should emulate Mordechai H'Yehudi who was observant and a devoted Jew and proud representative of our people who stood up to kings and rulers rather than, as all our leaders appear to do, acquiesce to the current world political and religious leaders' demands.


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