Friday, May 05, 2006


The inability of the UN Security Council to immediately censor Iran when it commenced operation of their nuclear processing facilities bodes ill for the UN when one contrasts how in the past the Security Council has immediately convened, sometimes within 24 hours, to censor Israel at the behest of resolutions proposed by Arab and Muslim states, as a result of actions taken by Israel in self defense. Is it that China and Russia, who also hold the veto on the Council, have a different agenda to the USA, UK and France?

Examining the records of the Security Council one will find that the majority of resolutions passed by that body have condemned Israel’s self defensive actions as if this has been the world’s major concern in the last 58 years. This is despite the horrendous wars and military actions around the world in Europe, Africa, SE Asia and the Levant where many tens of thousands innocent bystanders have been killed.

It is even more strange there was a complete silence by both the Security Council and the General Assembly in condemning the nuclear proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by Pakistan who originated the “Muslim” bomb. It is unacceptable that the father of the “Muslim” bomb, Dr Kahn, who illegally transferred nuclear processing technology to other countries outside Pakistan including Iran and Iraq, has not been brought to justice by the UN at the International Court for breaching the Non Proliferation Treaty whilst Pakistan has maintained a low profile and not even charged him. This, from a state which is engaged in a trade and political boycott of Israel!

At this Yom Ha’atzmut Israel should exercise Jewish pride and dignity with respect to the UN. She should demand the removal of the headquarters of UNTSO (Middle East) from Government House in Jerusalem which they have occupied since 1948 when they received it from the departing British. After all there are “Peace Treaties” in place with Egypt and Jordan so the only area subject to the “Truce” is Lebanon.

Lets be frank and question why it was acceptable that 20 IDF soldiers of the Jerusalem and 161 Brigades lose their lives in 1967 in retaking Government House, then situated in no-mans land, from the Jordanian intruders only to hand it back to the UN within a few days, thereby de facto denying our sovereignty in our homeland?

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