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My friends in Jerusalem advise me that last week they were subject to great inconvenience as a result of the Tel Aviv / Jerusalem main highway being closed so that you and the President of France Sarkozy, Prime Minister of Spain Zapatero, Prime Minister of Italy Berlusconi and Chancellor Merkel of Germany could go to Jerusalem to pressurise the Israeli Government to open the crossing points into the Gaza Strip after Israel’s unilateral cease fire.

I am surprised that when you all met President Mubark in Sharem el Sheikh you did not pressurise him to stop the trafficking in weapons and ammunition and rockets that pass through Sinai to the Egyptian / Gaza border or forcing him to open up the crossing point into Gaza from Egypt, after of course ensuring that the material passing through the crossing could not be put to military / terrorist use. This was drawn to the attention of your predecessor, Tony Blair, twice in 2004 about the tunnels from Egypt to Gaza requesting he exert pressure on Egypt to take preventative action against smuggling. These communications were utterly ignored as recent history has shown.

The concern of your Government for the inhabitants of Gaza by increasing direct UK Government aid to the tune of £50m, does not take into consideration the reality on the ground.
I am one of the few UK citizens who had the privilege in the late 1970s of visiting Gaza and the surrounding areas. I well recollect travelling through the barren sand dunes where there were no villages or agricultural enterprises to get from Israel to Gaza City. For 19 years under Egyptian rule from the termination of the mandate, not one world body let alone Arab countries, showed any concern for the inhabitants of what is commonly known as the Gaza Strip but deliberately kept the people in abominable conditions, to be used as a political pawn to attempt to bring about the destruction of Israel. Between 1948 and 1956 the nascent State of Israel was subject to constant Fedayin raids emanating from Gaza and encouraged by the Egyptian Government, during that period over 500 Jews were slaughtered in cold blood by these terrorists. This culminated in the 1956 Sinai Campaign. When I visited Gaza City I was shown the two storey buildings that the Israeli Government had constructed to rehouse the residents of the shanty towns where I saw the raw sewage run through the streets and the buildings were constructed of flimsy materials with little adequate covering. However, year after year, until 2005, as a result of the Israeli so-called disengagement, HM Government together with those of Europe and most western states, voted in the United Nations for a Resolution that condemned Israel for attempting to rehouse these Gazan residents in proper acceptable residential accommodation with piped running water, electricity and sewage disposal facilities.[1] Thus, the blame for the condition of the Gazan people rests solely upon those governments including HM Government, who prevented Israel from rehousing these people.
Furthermore, as a result of disengagement in 2005, some 30 months ago, Israel left behind over 22 prosperous agricultural villages that had been built on the neglected sand dunes. Included amongst the items left behind were public buildings (schools, libraries, communal centres and synagogues) industrial buildings, offices, factories and greenhouses, yet the Gazan residents instead of using these premises to make themselves economically viable and increase their prosperity, deliberately destroyed all traces of these villages, their buildings and their agricultural equipment. Israel, having withdrawn from the Gaza district on the basis of the world demand that this would result in peace, both the Palestinian Authority and the various factions decided that this wasn’t sufficient for them and they continued their barrage of rockets and mortars, akin to the doodle bugs of WW2 in London, into the Israeli towns and villages adjacent to and within firing range of the Gaza Strip. In this they destroyed homes, schools, synagogues, medical centres and the citizens of Israel suffered trauma, injury and were killed just as they had been in the 5 previous years before Israel disengaged in the Gaza Strip.
The responsibility for the actions of both the Palestinian Authority and the associated terror groups lies clearly with the western governments and with the United Nations Agencies. It was noticed that prior to the disengagement, the world media, including the UK state operated BBC, (the World Service being operated from finance provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office) showed pictures of Gaza as if it was composed of hovels and shantytowns. But immediately after disengagement it was observed that these had suddenly disappeared overnight and had been replaced by villas, two storey and multi storey homes, all of which had been constructed after the 1995 interim arrangement between Israel and the PA. These buildings were constructed out of the equivalent of the UK cinder or breeze blocks, just as they are in Israel and there cannot be any subtle distinction between them. However, both the UN agencies and those of so-called international charities, currently appear to think that they are tugging at the heartstrings of the world pubic who are so gullible by pointing out that these buildings were made from blocks as opposed to brick or stone.
Having been given the opportunity 30 months ago to engage in complete self rule, all the Gazans could do was to ignore making themselves economically self sufficient and instead set themselves up as a military base especially after the Hamas terrorist party came to power in 2006. Instead of setting up industries for export or making themselves self sufficient, they set up a military arms industry to manufacture missiles, rockets, mortars etc. As they continued to do so, Israel which had been subject to suicide bombings for so many years, decided as the UK would have done, to restrict the entry of labourers from this area. As a result there was a world outcry led by your predecessor in 10 Downing Street. At the same time, Israel imposed restrictions on what passed through the crossings between Israel and Gaza to attempt to ensure that no precursor material for either the arms industry or the manufacture of explosives could enter. Of course we all know how HM Government stated that this was inhumane.
Several generations of Gazans have grown up and been educated in UNWRA schools. Instead of these schools providing a basic education, which would be aligned to producing industrious citizens, they educated the children in hate against Israel and the Jewish People. They inculcated in every possible way their hatred, be it in their mathematical or geographical lessons and certainly in their religious teachings. All this was going on under the auspices of the eagle eyed world body with a clear agenda to denigrate Israel and the Jewish People at every possible opportunity. This brainwashing has continued unabated for years yet no government has had the conviction to condemn this but has turned a deliberate blind eye. Indeed, when film was shown years ago of children in military uniform and carrying out paramilitary training exercises there was no word of condemnation from any world government. Are these the children that HM Government and UK charities are crying out for?

To look at those children compared with those of Darfur, Chechnya, Zimbabwe, is comparing chalk and cheese. The former in Gaza look well fed and well clothed and certainly not under nourished or diseased. Yet those of the latter are suffering from starvation as are their parents, clothed in rags and under nourished and subject to disease brought about by the political circumstances in which they live. Why don’t you and your government treat their plight to a higher degree of concern than that in Gaza? Added to this one can ask why the UK media and charities don’t make a play about these people’s plight to the same magnitude as they express their concern about Gaza? Could it possibly be that the correspondents and workers are loathed to go to places in their masses because of the absence of suitable luxury accommodation where they can draw on large expense accounts?
At every possible opportunity the media together with UK charities has expressed their concern of the plight of the children of Gaza. However, on careful analysis it has become clear that each family in Gaza has between 5 – 12 children and the average woman in Gaza gives birth to more than 5 children whilst each husband is permitted under Islamic law to have up to 4 wives. Of course monogamy, the norm throughout Europe, is exempt when it comes to Islamic immigrants as exhibited by the UK State Benefit System where the additional wives are also provided with Benefit Allowances [2] as you personally well know from your period as Chancellor. So instead of encouraging the Gazan citizens to live within their means the UN international agencies as well as UK based charities are encouraging them to procreate well beyond their economic means by giving them financial aid. How can this be possible that these organisations have turned such a blind eye to this stupidity?
On this basis there can be no grounds for HM Government to pour more money into this leaking bucket since it does not encourage the Gazans to be self-sufficient. The enormous wealth of the Arab oil producing countries has been squandered on luxuries rather than help their brethren. Instead of rehabilitating these so called ‘refugees’ into one of the 21 Muslim countries they have like no other refugee body not been resettled or rehoused but deliberately maintained in this refugee status for generation after generation by UNWRA.

It is time the Islamic dream of destroying the reborn Jewish State after 2000 years in its Biblical homeland was forced to come to an end. Islam is a modern religion, created some 1600 years ago and should not be permitted to practice such racism. Certainly Islam does not tolerate either Judaism or Christianity but considers these people to be second class citizens - dhimmis.

Their objective is to once again establish a Caliphate across Europe and the Middle East.

[1] While decrying the plight of the piteous refugees supposedly victimized by Israeli aggressors, Arab governments have caused the UN to pass resolutions that decried Israeli attempts to resettle refugees in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. Any effort by Israel to improve the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in the Gaza strip or to give them new homes outside the refugee camps, was met with UN resolutions with wording such as this:
Calls once more upon Israel to desist from removal and resettlement of Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip and from destruction of their shelters;
2. Requests the Secretary-General, after consulting with the Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, to report to the General Assembly by the opening of the thirty-fifth session on Israel's compliance with paragraph 1 above. (
UN A/RES/34/52(A-F) 23 November 1979 )


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